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Welcome to V.V. Karunaratne & Co. Website.

V.V. Karunaratne & Company counts over 5 decades of existence, as a vibrant and successful organization, which is actively involved in the fields of commercial transport and construction. Despite its meteoric rise, the company basically continues to maintain its original sense of values and traditional family atmosphere, shared by the partners and the work force, alike.

Today after obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification, and after establishing many subsidiaries and sister companies, which are involved in other lines of business, the parent company still continues to develop steadily and is ranked amongst the foremost organizations in the country, both in the fields of commercial transport and construction.

In order to keep pace with the rapidly developing and changing world of business, the company established a ' customs broking department ' and the Inland container terminal department, which supplement the transport division by offering clients value added services. Thus a complete logistic package is readily available to the client beginning from 'Ships hook' up to the final destination.

Similarly, in order to supplement the mega development in the civil construction division, V V Karunaratne & Co. established two sister companies namely VVK Alucon Industries (Pvt) Ltd. , and VVK Mining Industries (Pvt) Ltd. which offer supplementary services to the construction division.

In 2008, the company after careful evaluation, decided to enter the international arena, resulting in the establishment of VVK Construction (Pvt) Ltd. , in the Republic of Maldives. This company deals with construction and construction allied services.
The secret of the star studded success of this organization has been, and is, its total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The cardinal rule being "never compromise quality for benefit or profit ".

The workforce consists of a team of professionals, which again are a blend of experience and youth. The neat combination of the experience and dedication of the seniors, combined the energy and stamina of youth, results in a synergy which generates, the ideal recipe for success.


National Award for Construction Performance for the year 2013 Asian Development Bank Funded Eastern & North Central Provincial Road Project ??? Phase 01, Package EP03. Contract No: ENCPRP/NCB/EP03

Completed several multi million building and road construction projects
The Transport section contains the large asset base of the Company.
Deals with the importation and installation of all types of aluminium extrusions and accessories.
Operation of quarries and supply of granite to all parts of the country are this companies forte.
Importation and supply of heavy construction machin-
ery and supply of all related accessories and spare parts
VVK MARITIME AGENCIES (PVT) LTD is the Shipping Arm of the V.V.Karunartane group of Companies
VVK Readymix (Pvt) Ltd. Is a active member of the VVK Group of companies.
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