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We are VVK, a leading infrastructure and Logistics group operating islandwide.

We are VVK, a leading infrastructure and Logistics group operating islandwide.

Since 1962, we have helped in  providing seamless solutions and  assisted in creating vital assets that helped our customers to succeed. We have completed more than 3000 projects and have worked with numerous and  varied clients. We have created jobs, helped immensely in the growth of  the national economy. Our national contribution was immense in  improving  the  resilience  of the county’s infrastructure, by increased access to energy resources, and vital services, that have enabled society and the economy to grow.

Irrespective of  the quality and size of the order,  our relentless drive was to deliver the most successful outcome in any project. We time and again  aligned our focus and capabilities to cater to  our customers requirements achieving  objectives, to create a lasting positive impact.

Core to VVK success is  our values :- ethics, safety and delivery of quality services. Our respect for  people, and  culture, builds  relationships  and sustainability, and our covenants-integrity, respect,  trust, and timely delivery. They are what we believe, and what customers can expect, from us and  we deliver.

VVK has obtained ISO certification 9001 :2015, 14001: 2015, 45001: 2018.  Also they have  established many subsidiaries and sister companies, which are in many other lines of business. The parent company however retains its stability and  continues to develop steadily and is ranked amongst the foremost organizations in the country, both in the fields commercial transport and construction.



V.V. Karunaratne & Company  was founded by Mr V V Karunaratne in 1962. He founded the company  with two principal divisions, namely the civil construction division and the Commercial transport division. The focus of development was in initially in the Batticaloa area, and then moved on to Colombo where numerous civil construction projects were successfully carried out winning the respect of the government and firmly establishing the entity as a reliable civil engineering contractor who delivered quality services.

Both the civil construction division and the Commercial transport division, developed simultaneously, operating as two independent profit generating  centres.

Mr Karunaratne had the unique ability to identify people and when talking to an individual could ascertain his capacity and levels of integrity. He slowly and systematically built up a team of professionals, who could take on any civil construction or commercial transport project,  ensuring that that the project would be completed to the  complete satisfaction of the client.


Mr Karunaratne had three sons who entered the business  when they completed their education. The sons took over the major divisions of the business, Mr Udaya Karunaratne took charge of the Logistics division and systematically developed this division, while his two younger brothers namely Mr Susil Karunaratne  and Mr. Mohan Karunaratne  took over the civil construction part, winning numerous tenders for the construction of buildings, bridges and major roads and highways. Now the next generation of the Karunaratne family namely Mr Avishka Karunaratne and Mr Chamalka Karunaratne sons of  Mr Udaya Karunaratne , have returned from London and have joined the family business. The saga now continues.


To be the premier civil engineering company specializing in construction, project management, and logistics. A dynamic organization,  achieving extraordinary results for our customers, while building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.