Construction Department

Roads and Highways
~ Connecting people, building communities

Using our broad range of experience and expertise, we deliver cost-efficient service packages, tailor-made for our customers. We provide the financial security and broad resources of a major contractor, while using our regional teams to provide services with a local focus.

We work in close partnership with our customers and suppliers, sharing skills and expertise for efficient project delivery, always with safety as our priority. We operate under a variety of contract forms such as design and build and full turnkey contracts. In addition to traditional contracts, we have a long track record of working in frameworks, partnerships and alliances. Our culture embraces change, welcomes new ideas and supports the move towards a more collaborative approach in all aspect of our operations.

VVK did not earn its reputation on our own. We are proud of working in partnership with our supply chain-our long-term relationships are what is driving innovation and creating long term value for our customers, supply chain partners and the communities we work in.
VVK has completed several multi-million building construction projects, in addition to several road development projects awarded by the Government of Sri Lanka. In addition to the state sector projects, several large private sector projects have been undertaken and successfully completed.

Our Staff

Chartered Engineer Civil-15
Chartered Mechanical & Electrical Engineer-1
Chartered Mining Engineer-1
B.Sc Civil Engineers -45
B.Sc Mechanical Engineers -3
B.Sc Mechanical & Electrical Engineers-1 Material Engineers-5 Mining Engineers-5
NDT Civil Engineers-9
NDES Engineers-2
B.Tech Engineers-4
D.Tech Engineers-4
City & Guilds Civil Engineer-1

HNDE Civil Engineer-2
NCT Civil Engineer-2
Other Civil Engineer-1
Other Material Engineer-1
B.Sc Material Quality Assurance Engineer-8
NCT Civil Quality Assurance Engineer-1 Land Surveyor -11
City & Guilds Civil Land Surveyor -1
NCT Civil Land Surveyor -6
Other Land Surveyor-3 Quantity Surveyor -8
HNDE Quantity Surveyor -3
NCT Quantity Surveyor -9

Others Quantity Surveyor-4
NDES Civil Technical Officer-5
NCT Civil Technical Officer-38
D.Tech Technical Officer-6
TCTI Technical Officer-1
NDES Technical Officer-1
City & Guilds Technical Officer-3
Other Technical Officer-13
NCT Civil Material Technician-14
NDES Material Technician-2
Others Material Technician-10
NCT Draughtsman ship Draughtsman-20
Other Draughtsman-9