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The Transport section contains the large asset base of the Company. The vehicle fleet of the Company is arguably the largest of its kind in the Country.

There are Prime Movers, 40'and 20' Trailers, Full bodied, Half bodied, Open and Flat-Bed lorries, Container Carriers, Fork Lifts, Tippers, Bowsers, Concrete Mixer Trucks and Construction Machinery The client network comprises of several multi-nationals, major public and private sector companies, medium and small scale industries and trading community across the country.

Here too the Transport division has a formidable client base, which includes the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, which entrusts the transport of currency to VV KARUNARATNE & CO. Also the State Petroleum Corporation, the State Fertilizer Corporation and several other government and non governmental entities, have appointed the transport division of VV Karunaratne & Co as their commercial transport contractors.

The Customs House Clearing and Wharf section of the Company is well equipped with an experienced and professional team, that complements the transport section to form an effective logistics network.

The clearing and wharf staff are capable of handling all types of shipments and have been widely acclaimed for their honesty, punctuality and performance.

This has also resulted in the Sri Lanka Customs , awarding the " Gold Card status " to VV Karunaratne & Co wharf division.

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